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Tennyson Primary School



If you are interested in sending your child to Tennyson Road Primary School please see the link below.  We follow the Local Authority guidelines for school admission. Applications can be made at the link below.

Luton Borough Council Schools Admissions 

Admission Arrangements with effect from September 2021

The Tennyson Learning Community is a multi-academy trust currently with one school, based on two campuses in south Luton. The Tennyson Road Campus is planned for one form of entry and the Surrey Street Campus operates with two forms of entry. In total, this provides a PAN of 90 pupils.

  • South Campus: Tennyson Road, Luton, LU1 3RS
  • North Campus: Surrey Street, Luton, LU1 3BZ

Places will be allocated using the criteria below for Tennyson Road Primary School:

Children with an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan naming the school will be admitted before the following oversubscription criteria applies:

1. Looked after children or children who were previously looked after but immediately
afterwards became subject to an adoption, child arrangements or special guardianship order.
2. Children who appear to have been in state care outside of England and ceased to be in state care as a result of being adopted.
3. Children of staff currently employed at the school.
4. Children in the catchment area with siblings at the school who will still be attending the school at the proposed date of admission.
5. Children living in the catchment area of the school. (1)
6. On medical grounds supported by medical evidence. (2)
7. Children who live outside of the catchment area with siblings at the school who will still be attending the school at the proposed date of admission.
8. Children living closest to the school measured on straight line distance. (3)
Please note: For applications to the school the sibling criterion will apply to siblings of pupils attending either of the north or south campuses and admission is not guaranteed to be to the same campus. (4)

(1) Parents must not state Tennyson Road Primary School, North Site and South Site as separate preferences. The application will be processed with Tennyson Road Primary School as one preference.
(2) If a child is allocated a place and has exceptional medical circumstances, the CEO of the Tennyson Learning Community will decide which site is most suitable to cater to the child’s medical needs.
(3) The school measurement point for the criterion 8 (distance criteria) for Tennyson Road Primary School, will be the mid-point between the two sites, using straight line distance from each site’s main reception.
When allocating pupils to a school site, the school will first endeavour to ensure that children with siblings at the school can attend the same site as their brother or sister to prevent logistical problems for parents.
Thereafter, geographical proximity (using walking distance) of the school sites to the home address will be used.
(4) Those living closest to each site will be given priority up to the site’s year group capacity.


Please see our Admissions Policy for Further Information.