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Tennyson Primary School



The current Local Governing Body (LGB) is comprised of volunteers from the local school community.

Governing Body meetings are held at several points throughout the school year. LGB meetings outline key issues that are required to be discussed and reviewed as necessary. Examples of these agenda items are, but not limited to; Attendance, Admissions, Achievements & Standards, Behaviour & Safety (Safeguarding), Finance, Leadership & Management and Quality of Teaching & Learning.

Attendance at these meetings is monitored by Trust staff.


The current Tennyson Road LGB is:

  • Donna Witter - Chair
  • Kevin Grogan - ViceChair
  • Andrew Vass - Safeguarding
  • Paul Hunt - Safeguarding & SEND
  • Darren Oldfield
  • Peter Cowan
  • Sue Dunbar - Staff Governor
  • Carla Gotch - Head of School
  • Andrew Darlington - Head of School